Threads of the Divine

More Connections...

In the next year (2006), when the crop formations began with a couple of beautiful examples of the Vesica Pisces formation, I was pulled back again to the idea of the vase. Vesica Pisces is the oval sort of shape that is formed when two equivalent circles intersect, with the oval’s width being the radius of the circle. It is traditionally associated with the Goddess, as Creatrix and origin of all creation. ‘Vesica’ means vessel ( from the Latin 'bladder' which names a membrane used to carry liquid as well as an anatomical bladder). A vase is also a vessel, usually used for holding water. By association and through the synchronistic events surrounding my research of the dream, I found that the vase with the handles could be seen as a 'Vesica Pisces' derivative. This term, ‘vessel of fish’ was a name given to the vulva; hence the association with the Great Goddess and the origin of the birth of Creation.

vase with vesica piseces symbol
The handles of the vase can be seen as the edges of two circles intersecting to form the vesica pisces where the neck of the vase appears.
vesica in painting

Both the vase and the Vesica Pisces have many interpreted meanings in common. So this again reinforces the synchronistic connection made between the dream vase and the crop circle phenomenon relating to the Vesica Pisces.

The vase represents 'the womb of rebirth', the Great Mother, a receptacle where miracles take place, the repository of life itself, the Feminine Principle of Divinity, the heart and the healing power of the cosmic waters, the source of all things when associated with the Great Goddesses such as Rhea, Cerridwen and Kwan-Yin. In the Penguin Dictionary of Symbols we read:
"The alchemical or hermetic vase always means the place where miracles occur. It is the mother's womb where new birth takes shape, hence the belief that the vase holds the secret of transmutation."
"It contains the elixir of life and is the repository of life itself."

The Vesica Pisces, as a basic form in Sacred Geometry, represents the intersection of the heavenly and earthly divinities, resulting in the new birth, the transcendence beyond duality. It is a symbol for the vulva or yoni, and also frames holy figures in the Christian religion. It is associated with The World in the Tarot. It is related to the Spindle of the Great Mother and through the association with the Goddess, represents regeneration.

In both symbols there is the suggestion of renewed life and connection with the Source of Life.

This is significant for the individual dreamer because in the vase dream, she is instructed to watch the Vase.