Threads of the Divine

Some Closing Thoughts on the Dream Group of Thelma Avenue

The reason for this particular essay is to share some insights I have recently received regarding my dream of 1977 in particular, and some others which I remember, but cannot date and do not always remember accurately whose dreams they were. These dreams, the insight and recent current happenings in the world finally came together for me to form a coherent and hopeful understanding of all the work that I saw as being so important in the dream group led by Emy Allavena on Thelma Ave, Toronto.

I feel it is important for me to communicate this since in the dream, the dreamer was actually directed to look at the vase image as it appeared in the dream (right). This vase was also the key to relationships in time and to the connection with crop circles that I discovered much later.

Drawn May 7, 1978 from dream of October 10, 1977. ‘The bottom of the vase seemed to be infinite; even though there was a definite shape to it, it kept on going.’

Vase Dream

An older woman with a fur stole showed a building to a man. The front looked like a store window. The woman pointed out ancient violins and flutes and she said they belonged to her uncle and so did the house. The uncle was dead and she was going to live in the house.

She went in and the man, to whom she was talking, followed her (he wanted a share of the treasures or property). The lady had it renovated and a new aluminum window was put in the front. The man chased all the people who were playing soccer on the lawn away. They had trampled the grass, but still it was nice to see them play.

After a carpet (somewhat like the Persian carpet at Thelma Ave., Toronto) had been laid down, the lady was worried about either money or, how the carpet should be placed. A voice told her that the shape of the vase is important.

On a small table was a beautiful milk glass vase trimmed with gold. It was astonishingly beautiful. The bottom of the base seemed to be infinite. Even though there was a definite shape to it, it kept on going.