Threads of the Divine

crop circles in painting

A closer look at the back carpet reveals that it does not resemble the foreground carpet. The colour has faded to a ruddy ripened wheat colour. The overall connected geometric design of the foreground is replaced by regularly placed markings. They look like circles as they would be perceived from a distance on the ground. These 'circles' on the carpet look uncannily like images of crop circles as they have been photographed from the ground in recent years.

crop circle images

These photographs of crop circles in Britain in the 20th and 21st centuries have a close resemblance to the background carpet markings in the painting of Pedro Berruguete, the Spanish Renaissance painter. This painter seems to depict his backgrounds in detail in other paintings he has done.

Thanks and photo credits: 1 - St. Faith's, John Sayer 2001; 2 - Opposite Beehive Inn, Rob Webb 2008; 3 - Avebury, Michelle Jennings 2005; 4 - Matterly Farm, Colin Andrews 1985.

Archived Crop Circle Photos 1 & 2, courtesy The Crop Circle Connector - (connector).