Surprise Visit

May 11, 2008

Dream: This beautiful fairy visited me in my dreams. She is with the birches outside the window. I was very happy that she came.

Comment: I thought of her name as Elenyi Marguerite. I used Photoshop to put her in the birches outside my window.

May 18, 2008

Journal: The birch fairy, all the beauty and the powerful energy in Nature make me realize that we humans are not designed to rule or conquer. Our destiny is to co-exist and interact with Nature so that we may, 'be communicators of Earth to the stars'(unknown). We are the conscious component that can mediate between Earth sentience and the Greater Universe. Only when we learn to live hand in hand with Nature and honour Her Intent, will we be fulfilled. AND WE CAN STILL GET TO DO ALL THE FUN HUMAN STUFF AS LONG AS WE STAY IN BALANCE.....