Opening Our Hearts

From the 70's to Now

Explanation: When you pass the cursor over the image above, you see another image of promise and hope that are the results of a simple change in attitude.

The first image shows a broken heart that has been 'opened' and from which a flower grows and sparks of light jump out to join the universe. It is held in a hand represented by the fingers at the bottom. The experiences in our lives that break our hearts my also be the ones by which our hearts are opened. The pain we experience results in enlightenment, represented by the rainbow. The process is in our hands; it is our attitude and willingness that determine the outcomes.

The second image, shown at the rollover, is the figure eight, representing infinity with lots of hearts raining down upon it. It is what Robert saw before it formed in the fields. To me, given the whole process by which Robert receives his information, this might represent the new way of being that results in a constant openness that does not require pain or suffering. The effect on human living would be that we would be living as 'fulfillment in action', not having to suffer 'lessons' in order to grow spiritually. Can you imagine that?

Another mystery unfolding within us!