Planting a Dream Seed

October 24, 2003

Dream: I was in a prisoner of war camp with my husband. We wore army fatigues. We thought, or I thought about being thankful for what we had (our lives) because we didn’t know when they would be taken.

I kept occupied by planting the seeds from the apples we got to eat (a cut apple with seeds is seen). I seem to be a man then.

Then an elderly, thin woman with grey hair in a bun, wearing a light magenta silk shirt, walks by from the right with papers in her hand, looking over the papers with her glasses. She says to herself, “It is a little logical, but…." She may have a solution for our liberation.

Comment: Although this dream has meaning beyond what I could interpret, I decided to take the example of using seeds from something I eat as a way to go about triggering some new ideas. I only had grapefruit seeds on hand, so I studied it carefully and then drew it with all its textures and lines. This process got me imagining the idea that is presented above, i.e. some 'seed' or new thing coming down from space that has a Feminine energy and is related to Nature (because of the green).