Lion Dreams

August 24, 2000

Dream: My lion, a great lion, had an injured left hind paw. I pictured him being cradled or held firmly on his back and stabilized at the forepaws by someone. I tried to attend to the hurt paw (pull out a thorn? cream?), but it was too difficult to keep him still. He ran off down the street into the night. I was thinking I would have to fix his paw.

April 16, 2001

Dream: G and I were in Stratford at night. We were going on a bus to meet my therapist and her friend at a dinner/theatre place. We arrive and sit at a table that is high up or on a second level. I noticed a poster or picture that had my therapist and her friend in it. They were known in the town. We were waiting a long time, then realized that the therapist had arrived and was at another table. G laughed it off and we joined her. I had fashioned two wire lions–blue and yellow that sat on the tablecloth. I arranged them as we waited and thought to myself: “I do this to get some attention and I will go ahead and do it. It is fine to do.”