Fish Out of Water

The fish symbol relates mainly to the soul and the Goddess. It is characterized by emotional energy, closely associated with waters of all kinds. Hatmehyt, Matsya and Sedna are three ancient Goddesses depicted as part fish. They possess the attribute of fecundity, fullness of life, as does the soul carry the ‘sense of life’, a ‘joie de vivre’.

Dream of 35 years ago

I found myself sitting on a picnic bench overlooking a placid lake that could be in the Gatineau in Quebec. Suddenly I saw a small fish on the ground beside me. It was almost dead and weakly flopped on the ground. I took it and put it back in the lake. In a short while the fish jumped out of the water and came over to me, floating in the air. It was now very big, about 1 metre in length and it ate some food I offered from my hand. I was so delighted, happy and overjoyed that the fish was well and came to me.

October 4, 2015

I had a sickly goldfish in my hand and was looking for a pond to place it in. It took a long time. Finally in a mall, an oriental man had a pool that I put the fish in (its eyes were ringed and sunken). I wondered if it would live.

Then, I have a second hand (repaired) car and I look for a place to park it–going to a household was not to be. I was directed to a waste recycling place; they directed me to a place near Avenue Road, Toronto. The building there had a drama school for children. I looked in and saw the activities. The receptionist, an older woman who was familiar with suffering, talked to me about the school.

Comment: In these two dreams we can see the difference between a more collective dream and a strictly personal one.

The dream of October 2015 shows the dreamer with a problematic situation in hand, with some kind of positive ending. The second half of the dream shows the reasons for the illness of the fish. It relates to a home situation, something that has been gone through a few times and something that involves emotional re-enactment in order to learn from it. It shows possibility for some growth through learning for the individual.

The dream of 35 years ago takes place outside in a relatively pristine natural environment. One creature is failing; one action by the dreamer to put the creature back into its natural, true context results in a supernatural phenomenon that is positive and rewarding. The size of the fish and its ‘super’ power of flight gives a sense of a spiritual energy that was reactivated by a human's care. Although it does not seem to be a personal energy, the fish energy does relate to the one human in the dream. This dream could be a picture of possibility for the world when human attention is directed to the ‘soul’ aspect of life. It is a personal dream with elements of collective concern.