Elusive Butterfly

April 18, 1983

Dream: In this dream, as I leaf through images of some of my visions and dreams, I explain to my teacher, Emy, a dream I had, that was a picture happening in my kitchen.

Hanging from a branch in my kitchen, just above our (my daughter's and my) heads, a caterpillar lies on its back and goes into the chrysalis stage (black horny growth on top seam), then it comes out as a butterfly – with full monarch colours – right in the kitchen. I am thrilled and excited, happy.

Then I see another picture of women, two in the foreground, one facing front in the background, standing in a garden/pond/treed area. They are wearing Indian sari robes, with heads covered. I indicate the woman in the background and have the exact form of her face in paper, as if a little puzzle piece to fit exactly in the space of the face.

Comment: The main theme in this dream within a dream is TRANSFORMATION–the quintessential meaning of the butterfly as symbol. As soul image it is always awakening from a former state of unconsciousness. My daughter (perhaps my new self?) and I are to undergo dramatic personal transformation as indicated by the butterfly and the kitchen, both symbols for transformation.

It seems the nature of the transformation is related to the fact that I hold a missing puzzle piece that would identify an unknown aspect of the Feminine Principle represented by the third woman in the background. It is a personal potential that could be the result of the transformation or that could be a factor contributing to the transformation.

A mystery unfolding within us!